Coconut Cream Pie

If I could relive my wedding, I would keep the groom- yep, definitely do that.  Here is what I would change: the cake.  I would choose pie instead as my dessert of choice.  Slice of Coconut Cream Pie with fork and napkinI have had countless bridal consultations where the bride opts for an informal reception and instead of serving a traditional wedding cake, she chooses to serve pie to her guests.  For those of you who don’t know, I have owned a wedding floral company since 2001 named The Bridal Garden in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The first thing I think of is when I hear the pie news is ‘where is my invitation?’

naked coconut cream pieAside from designing the bridal bouquet for a wedding, decorating the cake with flowers is my next favorite item to create.  Marin, who is my youngest daughter and is the cutest girl to set out votives, would beg to jump in and help with the cake flowers.  Always eager to let my girls experience something new, I quickly relented.  In the early years, Marin was so little, I would have to poke a hole in the icing to show her where to place the flower and then lift her up so she could reach.  Since I have such fond memories of decorating brides’ cakes, I hate to admit that I LOVE pie over wedding cakes, especially this one.  Coconut cream pie is probably first on the list of my all-time favorites, followed by pumpkin and apple, in that order.

Putting Cream on PieWith this recipe, I chose to incorporate coconut milk, which can be found in the international food section of the grocery store.  In my local store, I found it over by the tacos and soy sauce.  Coconut milk adds a subtle and delightful coconut flavoring, which is what we’re after of course.

Rachel Cutting pieSince weddings and pie are in my love category,  I had to share a cute bouquet I made for a friend’s wedding a few years ago that reminds me of coconut cream pie and hot summer days.

Screenshot 2018-09-17 20.44.52

Tips for success:

  • When making the pie, stir constantly making sure to scrape bottom of pot so that it doesn’t burn.  I once ruined a perfectly good pie when I let my daughters’ stir the pot.  They didn’t stir deep enough and there were burned bits all throughout that particular pie.
  • Bubble/boil is the next most important step to ensure your pie sets up.  After it begins to bubble/boil, I wait another minute or so and turn heat down just a smidgen and continue stirring.
  • I find that if I make this pie at least 4 hours before or even the day before, that allows plenty of time to chill and the coconut milk flavor to develop.  If I leave the pie to chill overnight, I set in fridge uncovered to let the pudding set up.  Then I insert toothpicks and “tent” saran wrap over the top.
  • I add my whipping cream topping the day I serve so that it is fresh.

Click here for the Coconut Cream Pie Recipe


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