How To Design A Rose Bouquet

Blueberry rose in blueberries

Last week I designed a wedding. This happens to me just about every week during the wedding season, mind you. During the week when I was designing the flowers, I was missing an integral flower to make the bouquets. Rather than wait for the delivery driver to send what I needed my way, I ventured to my local wholesale flower warehouse. During my hunt to find something that would replace ranunculus for the bouquets, which didn’t arrive from the grower, I spotted these blueberry roses. I was instantly in love.

You have to understand something about me. I am around flowers just about every day. Unfortunately, flowers don’t “wow” me anymore. You really should feel sorry for my husband, Donovan, who can’t buy me flowers for special occasions. I always tell him, though, that diamonds are an excellent replacement. These blueberry roses did speak to me in their flower language, and they told me I needed them.

Usually, it is the bride who decides what the flower choices are and what color the bouquet will be. This one, well, this one was for me.

Individual blueberry rose bouquet flowers

Here are some selections of other blooms that caught my eye while I was perusing.  A cappuccino garden rose, blush astilbe, scabiosa, and calcynia.

To begin the bouquet, gather the largest bloom first. In this case, it is the blueberry rose. Add each bloom so that the stems criss-cross each other. This will help make the top of the bouquet more open and rounded.

add in cappucino rose

Add in the cappuccino rose.  At this point, I really pay attention to the height of each flower and adjust as I go.

Accent Flowers

The last designing step is to add in the filler flowers and the delicate flowers. 1. The calcynia goes in first because it a stiffer flower. I don’t want to damage the other blooms by poking that one in, so I started with calcyina. 2. Next, add the astilbe. This is a feathery, delicate flower and if you chose to add this to the bouquet before the calcynia, it might be broken by the calcynia stems. 3. Lastly, add the scabiosa. I like to place this flower through the top strategically.

finish ribbon with pinsThe bouquet is finished with wire and ribbon.  Secure the ribbon with a few corsage pins angled upward.

To see how the bouquet is made, click on the video below:


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