Plastic Pumpkin Refresh

I don’t know about you, but after a few years of decorating with my plastic pumpkins, I had a small white one that was looking a little sad.  Let me show you because this photo is worth its thousand words.

original plastic pumpkin

See what I mean?  Scuffed up, scratched, and cracking, this little baby had seen better days.  A spell had been cast on her from the wicked witch that wasn’t so kind.  So just a few days before Halloween, I figure I better get cracking at giving her a facelift.

Don't spray pumpkin too close

The first step would be to spray the pumpkin.  Don’t get too close as my daughter did in this shot.  The paint will begin to run.  I just used my finger to dab the runs and made it smooth.

Spray pumpkin

I finished the whole project outside.  Before turning the pumpkin on its sides to paint the bottom, I let the first pass dry.  I carefully painted two coats and then finished with a touch-up coat to enhance this metallic facelift.

Measuring size of image

I measured the pumpkin to see how large my image should be.  I decided on two inches.

Mark on paper two inch

I then measured the two-inch mark on my pattern paper, which is typical typing paper.


After perusing the web, this is the image I settled on, mainly because I wanted this pumpkin to coordinate with my two black, wooden carved crows.

tracing bird on computer

I figured the easiest way to transfer this crow to my pumpkin would be to trace it.  I thought I was full of ingenuity with this idea, especially after I tried to freehand it!

graphite scribbled on back of pattern

I turned my drawing on the back side and scribbled a layer of graphite.

Pattern taped onto pumpkin

I trimmed the crow and taped it to my pumpkin.  I would highly recommend taping with a paint-safe tape so that when you remove the tape, it won’t remove the metallic facelift.

drawing bird onto pumpkin

I traced the top of the crow.  During the tracing process, the graphite on the back transferred the image onto the pumpkin.

Pencil transfer onto pumpkin

See, it worked!

Crow upclose on pumpkin

The last step was to paint the crow with acrylic paint.  I also used a sharpie to fill in edges and define the swirls on the branches.


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  1. Kristen says:

    Sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!


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