Lindi Head ShotMy name is Lindi.  I am a small town girl from the plains of Oklahoma, and my favorite thing about my little Mayberry town I grew up in is the gently rolling hills of yellow grass just beyond.

After earning a BFA in oil painting in 2001, I set out to create opportunities for myself.  My goal was not to paint pictures of flowers (which is what you might think I would do with a painting degree) but to paint WITH flowers- figuratively speaking.  In 2001 I created The Bridal Garden, a wedding flower company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through the trials of starting a business, my goal was to empower myself not have it all figured out, but to embrace life with all its flaws and keep telling myself, “you go, girl.” 17 years later, after a thousand weddings and still counting, I am still reminding myself of the same mantra.

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Bouquets are one of my favorite things to create.

Since creativity is built into my DNA, I am always, painting, crafting, cooking, sewing, floral arranging, bouquet designing, making and doing-on repeat- ALL day long. 

I want to cook and not feel the need to be Martha, I want to paint but not be Pablo, I want to sew, but my name isn’t Ralph Lauren.  I want to make things that are creative, but realistic to achieve.  I want to wear something cute, but not shop at Bloomingdales.  That’s all chronicled here on My Mayberry Lane.

I genuinely believe that by putting love into whatever your circumstances are, you can create your own space within yourself where you are home. 

I think that starts inside your soul, to be committed to finding your altruistic self, where peace and contentment are center stage.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a 20 square feet efficiency apartment in Manhattan or a 40 acre farm in Minnesota, whether you are tall, short, red, yellow, black or white, you can create your own authentic and happy self.  Find your own Mayberry- that place where you are you.  You go, girl.